Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Today was a day like many others, much of in good, not much terribly difficult. I am impressed with the level we have been able to keep the realities of life at arms length. We have all the modern conveniences and we minimize the pain and we go to great efforts to keep any pain from our person, and at the same time we invite voyeuristic pain via the evening news, the paper and the Internet.

We have worried about what we will eat and wear, how we will look to others and we have not worried much about seeking after the Kingdom of God or his righteousness. It is as if we have constructed a world where we do not need God, we do not need anyone to give to us all these things, the things that the Pagans run after, and yet we run after them. In our vain attempt to seize upon the elusive elixir of life, it is before us, we only have to put out our hands and take hold of Christ Jesus and the eternal life we seek is there, present and available.

I see these tendencies not primarily in others, but in myself. I see the tendency to love sin, to relish in the secrets that I would not want others to know. I know it has no place in my life, and yet it lurks just beyond my ability to remove it. That is after all the point of a savior isn't it. We don't need Jesus to do for us what we are perfectly capable, rather we need him to do what is beyond our ability, to put that sin behind us, to forgive us, and to bring to us true life. Some days I know well what Paul speaks of when he speaks of the struggle to do the right and loving the wrong.

I know that my life is not defined by my victories, but by the victories that Christ has won in my life, on those days when the shadow seemed to be stronger than the light, but in the end the light has shown into the darkness of my life and Christ is the Victor. My ransom paid, my liberation won, my savior has turned the tide of battle that would have overwhelmed my soul and taken me down a path of sin and death. Today, was not that day. It was only a skirmish, and my past experience with my Savior and my ever-present companion his Spirit was all that was needed to send the shadows away, the light of his Son continues to shine.

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Suzanne said...

Very insightful, true, and honest.

Welcome to blogger world. It's a crazy ride... sharing what we want others to believe, and what we actually think / feel.

Keep writing.. you've got good stuff to say!